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Pow Surf Banana Clips

Pow Surf Banana Clips

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    Pow surf mounts are introduced to help haul your favorite quiver to the local mtn wave. Sold as a pair. Slightly wider at the opening, with a longer, deeper, upper trough, and a short an shallow bottom trough. These will allow wider setups including the foam thickness of most mfg's pow surfs. They’ll also allow some of the slightly thicker core thickness of skis on the market.

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    We’ve found the best way to setup for PowSurf is to pair one pow surf mount, with one regular bananna clip, per rack side. It will give you a tighter fit
    where you need it, and the thicker allowance in areas where foam is present.


    Opening width: 1-3/8”

    Upper trough length: 2-5/8”

    Lower trough length: 3/4”

    Lower trough width: 5/8”

    5-3/8" tall, 2-3/4" wide, 7/8" thick


    Hardware not included drilled out for 1/4” fastners


    Respect your allowable sled mfg's tunnel weight limitations. We are not responsible for any of the additional gear associated with the use in hauling with this product, or any damages that may occur either to
    physical property, physical beings, or environment.