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The XXL BoonDock has a ton of real estate for hauling gear. Perfect for long overnighters at your favorite cabin, stashin gear, fuel, or the kitchen sink. You may even see your favorite CatSki operation hauling their utilities around in these units. You asked for it, and we're gonna let the big dog eat. FITS USING THE OPTION OF 4X LINQ MOUNTS OPTIMIZED FOR SHORT TUNNEL USE SPEC'd OFF A 154, FITTING THAT AND EVERYTHING ABOVE. Fuel, chainsaw, utility bags, camping gear, you name it.


  • Integrated ratchet strap mount / bottle opener for extended shop wrenchin sessions. Has all the same rack features as the ski/board carriers, so down the road if you'd like to upgrade to mounts, everything is ready to goTextured black powdercoat, durable aluminum. Weighing in at 6.75lbs. Universal build, will fit any machine, although it will be slightly wider than an arctic cat tunnel due to their narrower design.


  • ***LINQ bracket compatible. Quick on an off using 4x Linqs requiring 2 pairs of mounts/fasteners (sold separately). We Recommend a 3/4" long, by 3/16" diameter bolt/washer/nut.


  • ** Hardware for mounting rack to the tunnel is not provided, nor is the rack drilled out for the mounting style. Due to the nature of user customization, depending on what machine is used has been determined the easiest option. Flanges can be drilled out to bolt through tunnel, and will also fit the Polaris Channel system. MAKE SURE you understand your tunnel cooling system BEFORE drilling through your sled tunnel to mount!!! DO NOT drill through your coolers or you will have a bad time. Size specs: Rack 15-3/8" Wide x 4-1/4" Tall x 22-1/16" Long Headache rack height 7-1/4" ******CUSTOM POWDERCOATED COLORS AVAILABLE UPON EMAIL CONTACT****** Additional cost will be incurred, and payment up front required $


  • All fabricated in house, in BC Canada.

XXL BoonDock DropTop - Tunnel rack only -

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