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Thermos Caddy COMPLETE.

Comes with:

-500ML double wall, vaccuum insulated removeable thermos, rubber latch, aluminum holster, and a full stainless steel hose clamp.


Take your soup, chilli, coffee, pasta, or whatever meal you'd like to keep warm along with you. Mounts onto your exhaust can with a hose clamp (included) Will fit trail cans, race cans, or anything with a diameter of 4-6" and the panel space to allow. High quality double wall, vaccuum insulated thermos will maintain heat from your exhaust can, and keep it warm for the day.


***Fits a can of Chunky Chicken Noodle soup very nicely!



-SS304 Medical stainless steel, suitable food grade thermos. Double wall, vaccuum insulated, dishwasher safe, laser etched logo

-Aluminum sleeve for securing, and mounting the thermos. Powdercoated textured black, and acts as a great conductor of heat, keeping the thermos toasty warm.

-FULL stainless steel hose clamp, screw, latch, and band, will not rust.

-EPDM synthetic rubber latch, has outstanding heat resiliency, so it will not melt in the area exposed to high heat. 


size specs (Thermos mounted in holster, as a unit)

8" (tall) x 4" (diameter) x 6" (width *measured from latch tab, to the outer edge of the securing bracket)


*This is NOT a cooker. It will not cook your food, it is meant to maintain heat of the meal, and provide a great space saving location to keep it in.

Thermos Caddy (Thermos / Food style) COMPLETE

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