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Whether you're into wakeboarding, wakeskating, snowboarding, or skiing in the streets trying to film your next pro part, this is the device for you!

MUST HAVE Tool of choice for any pro riders come up!


Backyard Bolt-Ons has built many winches to meet pro specific needs for the last 5 years, 

Built specifically to order with 1/2 deposit made up front.


-Aluminum built, welded, and fastened for lightweight strength, utilizing lightweight plastic and uhmw materials for durability. 


-6.5hp engine *TUNED (high performance output, for extreme speeds, utilizing the smallest space, and weight saving efficiencys, with the output power found moslty in our competitors 11hp motors)


-Tuned transmission to your needs. Torque converter, or centrifugal clutch, paired with the correct gearing depending on your needs.


-Hydraulic braking system to stop the rope from comin at cha!


- 500' of non stretch rope included




Please email for more specs, and inquiries.

LIFT OFF -High speed wakeboard or snowboard winch-

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